152.4 x 152.4
Pomona, the beautiful wood nymph cared nothing for the woods but cared only for her fruit filled gardens and orchards. Pomona fenced her garden so the rude young men couldn’t trample her plants and vines. She kept her orchards closed because she wanted to rid of the men who were attracted to her good looks. Even dancing satyrs(a cross between a man and a goat) were attracted to her good looks. Vertumnus, the young, handsome god of changing seasons and patron of fruits, decided to try to win over Pomona. He came to her in various disguises, which included, a reaper, an apple picker, a fisher, a solider, and more. Even with the disguises, she still never paid him the slightest bit of attention. One day Vertumnus tried a disguise as an old women. Pomona allowed him to enter her garden and he pretended to be interested in her fruit. He told her he was more exquisite than her crops. After saying that, he kissed her. Vertumnus kept trying to sway her by telling her a story of a young women who rejected a boy who loved her; in despair, the boy killed hung himself, and Venus punished the girl by turning her to stone. It didn’t work, of course. He then realized the disguise didn’t work and tore it off. To his surprise, she fell in love with his beauty and they worked in her garden together.

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